Friday, July 6, 2007

A little Catch Up.....

Happy Belated 4th of July to everyone!

My day started out early (@ 5am) to head of to work. Once again it was a holiday for me to work. I just keep telling myself that the Lord willing I will have Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day OFF!! After working about 8 hours, I was stopping by the grocery store for a few things for a cookout at my house. (We made those plans about 11a.m that morning!) After reaching home, I had brocolli salad and brownies to make. Larry had already baked some flag cookies...opened the package and stuck them on the pan kind of baking! Ha! But, that was one less thing that I had to do! I quick went searching for a red table cloth in my collection...found one! Then I found patriotic candles and my table was set. I had a large table in the back yard so that most of the mess was outside! Everyone showed up at 5pm and the party began!

We had a great time with friends and neighbors! After the food and dessert, we were off to see fireworks! I definetely have seen better, but we had a great time anyway. More of our church friends met us and we all watched together. To say the least, it was a very late night!

The weekend was filled with working around the house trying to get caught up on a never ending list! It was nice to be home as a family and not running to and fro! Sunday was a GREAT day in the Lord. Due to work and vacation time it had been....get ready for this......SIX weeks since I had been to my own home church! I HATE WORKING EVERY OTHER WEEKEND! Sorry...I'm over my explosion. I am VERY thankful for the job God has given me so that I CAN stay at home all the other days....That is what I focus on! Back to was great being in worship with my friends and church family! I have missed it terribly. Our small group is starting a new study on Trust. I am very excited to see what I can learn on this subject! We spent the afternoon at the park and the boys had a great time!

On Tuesday, we had the great opportunity to have Jason and Amy (Kellog) Lane at our house. We had never met Jason and it was great getting to know the love of Amy's life! Amy and I roomed next door to each other at HSBC and have been long distance friends since. She and Jason are currently in New Mexico on a contract job with the possiblity of moving to Maine in the next few years. It was great catching up with Amy...same ole Fat Ames!!! Pee Wee she said to say Hello to you also!!! We grilled out for supper (after the thunderstorm) and had a great evening of games! I fixed a large country breakfast the next morning and they were off to their next destination around 10:30 a.m.! It is like we have never been apart! God has truly blessed me with great old and new friends!

We have finished off the week with Larry with a sick stomach, Steven with swimmers ear, and mommy working three days straight!! HELP! Ha! Please pray the rest of us remain healthy!

Also this week, My dad flew to Alaska to assist in a youth camp and help my cousin with some sheetrock! Unfortunetly, he was unable to be with Momma on their 39th Wedding Anniversary!!! I am sure Dad is having a great time....he dearly loves Alaska and his newphew, Andrew and family! (Vonnie, I would love to see pics of the best Daddy in the world!) Mom is home assisting Susan with the baby (not that she needs much, being a little Martha Stewart and all!!) and Christa with starting Nursing School in August. She also has company coming several times while Dad is gone... She will stay pleny busy!

Well, that's my few weeks in review! No great thoughts or ideas...Oh yes, I did read a book during this time also. I loved it! Three, by Ted it and let me know what you think or if you already have, share your thoughts!

I'll try to post pictures tomorrow...or ASAP!