Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

I pray that everyone had a Christ filled day yesterday! Our household was truly blessed with 3 happy boys and two excited parents. Larry and I love Christmas as much as the boys! We spent the weekend in GA with my parents and family. We had a fantastic time! I've posted some pictures to highlight our weekend.
Susan is very talented in many areas and once again she proved that her name should have been Martha! The grandsons loved having a red nose reindeer cake. Steven and Carson were very pleased to "hunt" up the antlers in the yard.

On Saturday, we all went to a friends cabin in the woods. We had a huge fire, roasted marshmellows, hiked, laughed, a game of capture the flag (in which the ladies WON!!), cooked hot dogs etc... Here is a picture of the boys playing very hard.

This is a beautiful family photo...Ha! We took a hike and sang Christmas songs to the cars that pasted! (We had a few weird looks!) I'm sure that I will get a few comments from those in the picture!

Hopefully you can see we do clean up nicely in this next photo. This was taken on Sunday after Colton Ross Hunt baby dedication. It was a beautiful service!

Here is a photo of the original Scarbrough family...

The grandsons...this picture was fun to capture!

I'll take a side note here on this next picture...I have been concerned about our dear friend Viola. She, like myself, has not been blogging as of late. This has had me and my sisters baffled until we came across her memorial. It was located in the hill of North GA in a cabin way up in the woods. I'm so sorry to say that it appears that she has been laid to rest. I do truly hope that we are mistaken, so if anyone has any information...please let me know!

A few final snapshots...this is my newphew Colton. He is one of the cutest baby's ever!! I know that you will agree. Sorry about him "laying" sideways...he's tired!Ha!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!! I think Steven is singing my praises for posting this picture! Be sure to check out Peyton's mismatched PJ's! He's a classic! Hope you enjoyed a picture of our holiday season. Oh, I failed to mention that we returned home from GA on Christmas Eve to attend Family Communion at church and enjoyed a fabulous day at our home together! I'll try to share a Christmas miricle on a later post! Thank you to all that sent Christmas greetings... we will try to pray for each one as the cards are put away after the season!