Sunday, July 15, 2007


Our Home on the 4th of July!
Our Family on the 4th of July! Our Blessings from the Lord!
Steven squinting from the sun!

Carson being his adorable self!

Peyton wondering why Mommy is always behind a camera!
This is the Rob & Cyndi...Larry and I's dearest friends!!! Words cannot describe how much we love this family. Our children are the same ages, Cyndi delivered my babies, she and I work together every other weekend, we go to church together, and Rob and Larry are HUGE Michigan fans!!! Cyndi and I are more than friends....we are sisters! (Thankfully, her mom and 3 sisters feel the same about me AND my mom and 3 sisters love her dearly! I wish you could meet this amazing family!

This is Edwin and Melissa and they are also such great friends. We have know them for over 10 years and have been friends since day one! Again, our children are very close in age so we have alot in comman! THE only thing "wrong" with this family is...Edwin is a Florida Sate fan! Here is a picture of some of the kids eating on the 4th of July! They picked the shade!

Jason and Amy Lane
This picture needs a little explaining....Larry had just arrived home from work and Peyton headed for the front his diaper and Michigan hat. I opened the door for Peyton to dart out to meet Daddy! Here he is "telling" Daddy some big story! He is so cute!
I hope you enjoy catching a glimpse into our lives via pictures!