Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Prayer Request for a Friend.....

This post is written with a heavy heart. After only an 1/2 hour of sleeping last night, our pastor phoned us with a prayer request. One of our friends, Mike, has passed away. Mike was a Lt. Cor. in the United States Marine. He left 3 weeks ago for Afganistan. Last Sunday when I talked with his wife, Kristi, he was still in Kwait. He finnally reach Afganistan this week and passed away yesterday. The circumstances surronding his death are under investigation at this point. We have very limited information at this point. What we do know is that is was NOT in combat.

Mike was in the reserves as of recently. He has been a Marine for over 16 years. When speaking with him, you knew that he breathed being a Marine.

Please pray for Kristi. They did not have children.

Please pray for Larry and I as we try to minister to her at this tramatic time.

Friday, June 1, 2007


Colton Ross Hunt arrived to the proud parents of Susan and Jeff! May 31, 2007 at 10:10pm, at 8lbs 10 oz, 14 1/2 inch head! He is the cutest thing ever! I think he looks like Susan in the mouth and chin and Jeff in the eyes up!

Susan went to the hospital at 4:30 a.m. for a scheduled induction...she was 9 days overdue! She so wanted to do the natural delivery so was worried about being induced. She had a wonderful friend who has has all her 6? children natural who was her coach. My sister Christa and I were also there for support. (Jeff poked his head in the door every once in awhile! did my mom) My oldest sister Cheryl had an important drs appointment with her oldest son so was coming later in the day. Susan labored very hard and long...she was so very strong to dilate all the way to 10 with NO MEDICINE! She with God's help did a fantastic job. It is very hard seeing someone you love go through so much agony. I was happy to support her because this was the desires of her heart. She did amazing!!! After pushing for 2 hours she felt she could no longer do it and have the baby without anything. She choose an epidural. The doctor was already concerned about doing a C-Section for the baby's heart rate had dropped significantly during her labor to the point of an emergency C-Section. Susan also felt that the baby was not lowering so another reason for the epidural in preperation for a C-Section if necessary. The doctor and Susan tried very hard to birth the baby, but ended up doing a C-Section. Thankfully, Cheryl made it just in time to help pray her through the pushing and the C-Section.

Susan is a true trooper! She was so very nervous and scared, but God was so faithful to her in her time of need! It was beautiful to feel the Lord very real throughout the WHOLE da/y!

This day was also Larry and I's 10 year anniversary! Thank you so much for those of you who remembered our special day! We loved having each one of you there! Thank you for all the sacrifices each one of you made to be with us....Heather sorry you were so sick and had to travel all night after your graduation! I appreciate it sooo very much! Thank you Julia, Brent, and Jani for the beautiful music! Thank you for all who stood up with us and witnessed our vows.

I will say that these last 10 years have been THE BEST EVER!!! I am so blessed to have met and married such a fabulous man of God! (and such a HANDSOME one at that!)

Here are all the cousins...Steven, Carson, Ethan, Isaac, Peyton, Colton, and big "sis" Alexis. She is so very happy to have this new baby in her home! She is going to be a great help! As you can see, they were all "pleased" to be participating in this picture. They were more worried about who got to sit on the chair! Poor Colton!

This is Aunt Marty giving her first squeezes after a long hard day....I've decided it's easier to delivery to baby than it is to watch someone you love go through pain! I'm done being a mid-wife! Ha! was a GREAT honor to be asked to help her this day!! Thank you Susan! (Sorry, I don't know how to rotate my pictures in this blog world...any expertise Vonnie?)

Thanks for all who have been checking in and concerned about Susan and the baby!