Thursday, December 18, 2008

Prayer For Emma Grace...

Just a note to say that Emma has been sick since Saturday. We took her to Dr. on Monday with the diagnosis of an ear infection and bronchialitis. Basically, an infection kinda like RSV...but Not. She had a terrible cough that breathing treatments don't help. After phone calls back and forth to the Drs yesterday, we finally were told to take her to the ER. There they gave her a new medication in her nebulizer which seemed to help for a little while. She finally ate pretty well. They didn't admit her since I felt comfortable with the treatments. They want me to take her back to the Pediatrician this am to see if her lungs are responding any better. She is so congested and sounds terrible. She vomits after feeding due to the....well you know! Please pray for us and we will be wise in her health care decisions. We also would love to have a good long nap!!! Peyton has also been sick with the same thing, but due to his age he can have the steroids and is doing better. Please pray that Steven and Carson don't get it as well...I'm assuming its contagious??? Love to all!

Update: Emma was diagnosed with RSV. She is one sick little girl. She is having a hard time keeping any food down due to all the mucus in her lungs. We covet your prayers for her at this time!