Saturday, May 5, 2007

Our Week

I'mmmm....baack! It has been a very busy week and I haven't taken the time to post. I have enjoyed reading about everyone else's lives. I forget sometimes who I have read, where I've posted comments, etc....there has to be some trick to structured blogging? Any suggestions for this unorganized blogger. It is driving me crazy! I am posting some pictures from our week. We went to 3 birthday parties, strawberry picking...again, crammed in tons of school, helped Larry finish up a job of cabinets, all this while Larry has been out of town. I was very happy that he got to come home a day early! Thank the Lord for BIG blessings!

Here are a few of the favorite sayings I've heard this week.

"honey, I'm home!"
"Kindergardens over its time to go home" (A little song they sing everday at the end of the DVD)
"Dear Jesus, bless Carson my very best friend" (A quote from Steven during prayer time!)
"Thank you for your help" (From Larry after banding, sanding, and staining doors for his cabinets)
"You are being so supportive"
"Good night"
"Night, Night" - Peyton's favorite word....he takes after his mother!

Our lives are so busy that I am trying to stop and think about the little wonderful things that happen each day that are so easy to overlook!

Last weekend we had 3 birthday parties to attend. I have posted a few pics. Some friends and I took the kids to the strawberry patch to get more strawberries. I froze 12 quart bags of sliced strawberries. We look forward to fresh fruit in the winter. I decided to share some photos of the 2 small cabinets that Larry just finished. He does a great job! I am very proud of my husband. He is putting down hardwood flooring in our living room today! He's one fantastic man! I'll try to post pictures of the finished product.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.....please scroll way way down to see my new pictures! Have a blessed day!