Monday, February 4, 2008


My dear friends, I am still alive and in my right mind. (That is still up for debate! I did pinch myself so part of that comment is correct!)

January is full of birthdays at our house. Steven turned 7 on the first and Carson turned 5 on the 20th! Peytons is coming up with the BIG #2 on the 22nd of Feb.! I will try to share a few cute photos from the big days! Steven had friends over for a BeeBee Gun Party. They all went down to the creek and shot his new "old" gun that Papa gave him for his birthday. He is huge into GI Joe right now so he was happy with a homemade cake!

Carson wanted to have his little friends over to jump on his new "old" trampoline. He is still loving CARS, so his theme was based on that, therefore, the CARS cake. He finnally realized the CARS was part of his name!

Here is my little mini me! Although he looks like me, he asks just like his Gramps Sams!

I will try to get pictures of Peyton's B-day out sooner! Thank you for everyone who has been checking up on me! I am loving hearing from some old friends! Keep the comments flowing! Love to all!